HachikoZilla – 3rd generation token on Binance Smart Chain, community driven and created to empower breeders digital, musicians and our community, so you can turn your music, art and ideas into NFT's.

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Why HachikoZilla?

Market Sustainability

HachikoZilla believes in maximizing the return on investment. We are a sustainable Yield-AMM (or “Automated Market Maker”) with focus on Binance Smart Chain, optimizing a range of features of the BSC ecosystem.


Our platform aims to empower digital creators, musicians and our community, so you can transform your music, art and ideas in NFT's, where you can make your assets work and generate multiple value in return with a safe investment – An investment that grows.

Deflationary System

In addition to the expected returns, you can also benefit from betting and selling digital media within a system that we bring to solve the inflation problem faced by the majority of Defi's projects, we bring a symbolic hybrid firing mechanism reducing the supply of HachikoZilla circulating on the market in addition 3% of the transactions automatically go to the pool of liquidity that will be locked up for life where no one can remove it and 5% of transactions are redirected to HachikoZilla holders.

Roadmap HachikoZilla

With a great roadmap and plans at HachikoZilla to increase DeFi's scalability and reduce the availability of constant rugpulls through a decentralized, community-driven exchange formed by ethics to benefit developers and investors.

Q4 2021

- Project Brainstorming and Team Building
- Solutions Survey
- HachikoZilla Ecosystem Project Design and Flow
- Website development and communication channel configuration
- Smart contract creation and implementation in the Binance smart chain

Q1 2022

- HachikoZilla public launch
- AMA's in multiple investor channels
- Public sale on decentralized platforms
- Whitepaper release
- HachikoZilla Airdrop e ANN
- Exchange Listing (Pancake Swap)

Q2 2022

- Alpha Test HachikoZilla NFT Minting Dapp Alpha
- Submission for Techrate audit
- Submission for Certik audit
- Exchange Listing (Hotbit)
- NFT Marketplace UI Design Concept

Q3 2022

- Lottery
- Referral
- Prediction
- Pool Syrup
- Launch DEX
- HachikoZilla Launchpad for Creators
- More marketing to publicize the project.
- Roadmap Update


1 trillion $HachikoZilla (

5% Redistributed to holders

2% Added to Liquidity

Token Info:

Token: HachikoZilla
Ticker: HKZ
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Reward system:

Earn HachikoZilla every time a transaction is made. Our protocol charges a 10% transaction fee; this means that 2% goes to a liquidity pool blocked lifetime and 5% are rewarded to our stakeholders. Start trading and simply watch your balance increase in real time. This is called currency deflationary and will yield a percentage of annual income up to 80% - exceptionally higher than any traditional savings account.